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Let’s impact our world, one heart, and one community at a time

Together we can make an IMPACT in our

communities that will positively change the course

 of children, youth, and adults of all ages

  • Sharing Love

    Sharing Love

  • Discovering Farm Life

    Discovering Farm Life

  • Caring for Animals

    Caring for Animals

  • Horseback Riding Therapy

    Horseback Riding Therapy

  • Learning Through Discovery

    Learning Through Discovery

  • Learning to Help One Another

    Learning to Help One Another

  • Basketball Program

    Basketball Program

  • Impacting Young Adults

    Impacting Young Adults

  • Impacting the Elderly

    Impacting the Elderly

  • Creating an Impacting Learning Environment

    Creating an Impacting Learning Environment

  • Learning While at Play

    Learning While at Play

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Mentoring with the love that comes from God is our guiding principle.

We have a passion and desire to see children and youth come to realize their full potential. The one thing that seems to be missing in most environments is the concept of mentoring, where the child benefits from a lot of love and attention as well as learning many things about life by being with strong, caring adults that make them feel important. Our children and youth are the future. One day they will lead us, and it is so important that they have rich life experiences that stay with them and help to shape them for their future..

Guy V. Lewis was a great coach, and an even greater mentor. He taught young men how to play basketball, but more importantly, how to live life successfully. As we embark on this journey to help people through mentoring, we believe we are honoring not only his memory, but his legacy as a mentor.

Not only will we mentor children and youth, but young adults, seniors and families. All generations will benefit from the many programs we offer, from job help, nutrition & parenting classes, training in the arts, to events and entertainment. There will truly be something for everyone at the Impact Centers.

The Guy V. Lewis Impact Initiative is a Christian 501c3 organization that is dedicated to impacting and strengthening communities. Our IMPACT centers are hubs for outreach. Each IMPACT center will house a school, an activity area for our after-school programs, a fun space for seniors, and a basketball court.


Children learn through play, art, nature, tending to animals to enhance what they learn in the classroom

  • Deborah Square

    "I am really looking forward to seeing the The Guy V. Lewis Impact Initiative come to fruition. It is going to have such a positive impact on so many lives, and I am so excited about the opportunity to take part in carrying on Guy's legacy."

    Deborah Nazemi
    The Guy V. Lewis Impact Initiative
  • Home-1

    "I miss my dad every day, but I am thrilled that this dream is finally becoming a reality. It feels almost as though he living on through this work, and he really would have loved to see this come to pass."

    Terry Lewis
    Co-Founder/Vice President
    The Guy V. Lewis Impact Initiative

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