Women’s Advocacy Program

The Guy V. Lewis Impact Initiative is working one on one with women in Kyle and surrounding areas who need advocacy. Many woman have been stalked, raped, abused, or trafficked and have no one to help them to get through their situation.

Women in abusive situations live in every neighborhood. They feel worthless and hopeless. Often, they resign themselves to a life of abuse because they have no place to go. Without help, some abused women are killed, some of them are stuck with their abusers, some are never the same, and many commit suicide to escape the pain or fear. In their efforts to escape, they lose friends, jobs, and sometimes even their children in the process of trying to get free. The shelters are often little help, and some have staff that are abusive to the victims.

Women who are being stalked often go to the police and are ignored because they haven’t been physically attacked. They live in terror, and some fall prey to their stalker who has the upper hand.

Rape victims often don’t report because of fear, shame, or they don’t think they will be believed. They need someone who will walk them through the system, counsel with them, and hold their hand for a while.

So far we have been able to help a couple of women, and plan to help as many more as we possibly can, but we need help. Volunteers are needed, and we need a counselor and full time advocates. We need funding. Please consider a donation to our women’s advocacy program to help us help them.

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