Who Are We?

The impact that Hall of Fame basketball coach, Guy V. Lewis had on the young people he worked with is the inspiration for the Guy V. Lewis Impact Initiative. Birthed out of Kingdom Global Transformation Network, the concept came from a desire to positively impact, strengthen, and unify communities, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. We will work synergistically with established programs, ministries, and businesses in the community who share our vision and mission.

Reaching Out to All Ages

Body, Soul, and Spirit

We believe that lives are changed
when people are loved and cared for
in practical ways

Youth and College

Youth and College & Career



Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens

Impact Centers

An Impact Center is a unique community center, in that it is a synergistic building. There are headquarters for the outreach services, job help, feeding programs, after school and at-risk youth programs, services for seniors, and more.

There is a Christian school for  kindergarten through 12th grades, specially designed to impact the children holistically through education, nutrition, nature, and all the senses. This school integrates all learning styles with a cutting edge approach.

A basketball program, in honor of Guy Lewis’ legacy, is going to be for both after-school fun, and a serious competitive team. A state of the art basketball court will also host annual basketball camps. 


Creative Learning

Creative Learning

Make a Positive Impact in People’s Lives

  • Impact and help change the course of youth who are at risk
  • Meet the physical, emotional, spiritual, and learning needs of all children and youth, including those with special learning requirements, such as those with mild autism
  • Connect with qualified programs, outreaches, ministries, and businesses for the common purpose of impacting communities and building relationships
  • Lay a solid foundation in the lives of children, youth, and adults of all ages, empowering them to function as healthy, prosperous, successful members of the community
  • Provide hope and help to those who have been crushed by life experiences

Promote the Wholeness of Communities

  • Multiple Impact Centers for innovative local outreach programs
  • Schools that address all learning styles, with cutting edge, hands-on teaching techniques
  • Financially assist those who cannot afford the school & programs we offer
  • Family and College age fun activities & outreach
  • Homes for various needs
    • Youth at risk
    • Transition homes for those aging out of foster care
    • Unmarried pregnant young women and teens

Why We Do This

Terry and Deborah, founders of The Guy V. Lewis Impact Initiative, raised a beautiful child who struggled with a processing disorder. Though he was brilliant, their son had learning challenges that made homeschooling the best option for him. They had little support, and resources were difficult to find, so they forged through. After trying a traditional school setting twice, they returned to homeschooling until he took and passed his college entrance exam. Their son is now a thriving young adult. 
Terry and Deborah learned through many trials and difficult situations that a learning challenged child, when given the attention, love and learning methods that work for them, can thrive and flourish in this world. Over the years, they met a number of other parents who had children with learning challenges and differing levels of autism, and felt that the parents were needing the support that she had desired for her son. Most did not have the funds and resources to put their children in a private school. Most public and private schools do not understand or address the special learning needs of these precious children in a way that helps them to soar.

As parents, Terry and Deborah used many things in their environment to capture learning moments that were also memory-making moments. Terry taught him how to build, and how relevant math was to the real world. Deborah taught him how to cook and other life skills. Combined with his homeschool curriculum, these methods drove the point home.  When building and cooking, he learned about math and measuring. With the freedom they gave him to try his hand at these things on his own, he learned to be creative and gained a feeling of accomplishment. Part of his experience was learning science by going outside with his dad and discovering numerous facets of nature. Life was a series of teachable moments strung together to enrich their son’s learning experiences while enjoying life together.
Through this passion for their son, and those that they met who needed help, Terry and Deborah birthed The Guy V. Lewis Impact Initiative. The goal is to open Impact Centers in multiple cities, beginning in Kyle, Texas. These centers will house the schools. There will be cutting edge teaching techniques that integrate all learning styles in a way that makes school and learning fun. Children will develop a love for learning as they grow to become well-adjusted adults.
While working towards the goal of developing the first school, the Impact Initiative has developed other outreach programs to children, families, and the general population. June 2018 is the target date to launch a monthly LEARNING IS FUN day for elementary school age children.

About Guy V. Lewis

Basketball Hall of Fame coach Guy V. Lewis was an extraordinary man. He coached the Houston Cougars from 1956 to 1986, and became a legend. Known for his fast-paced, exciting style of basketball culminating with the wildly popular Phi Slama Jama, Guy was also an innovator. With a knack for recognizing and choosing players with great potential, he became the first coach to take college basketball into a nationally televised arena.
Guy’s legacy wasn’t limited to basketball. He mentored the young men on his teams, many of whom became prosperous, successful adults who now testify of the tremendous impact of his influence in their lives.
Our passion is to honor his legacy; to follow in his footsteps and beyond, to mentor many young people who may also become successful, prosperous adults, and to impact communities through multiple forms of outreach.

Guy V. Lewis

Guy Lewis was a grandfather who adored his 4 grandchildren. This photo is Guy and his youngest grandchild, Zechariah


Guy Lewis was a grandfather who adored his 4 grandchildren. This photo is Guy and his youngest grandchild, Zechariah
Guy coached the Houston Cougars for over 30 years. His Phi Slama Jama became wildly popular, and birthed several pro players.


Guy coached the Houston Cougars for over 30 years. His Phi Slama Jama became wildly popular, and birthed several pro players.
Through his coaching Guy mentored young men to become successful in life, both on and off the court.


Through his coaching Guy mentored young men to become successful in life, both on and off the court.

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